Texas Governor

All TEXAS Voters:

There is a new ad out comparing Wendy Davis to Barack Obama. The ad is correct. I do not want an Obama Clone as the new Texas Governor. please vote for Greg Abbott.

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IRS Targeting

To rapidly comply with the request of Lois Lerner’s e-mails relating to improper targeting of Conservative Groups, President Obama personally delivered her computer hard drive to Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee. This was delivered via Air Force One. Unfortunately after the Air Drop from 30,000 feet, Not A “Smidgen” Of Data Was Recoverable.

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Dear IRS:

In response to your request to see the last 5 years of my tax records for an audit, I regret to inform you that my computer hard drive crashed and was recycled. I am terribly sorry that this happened. I am sure that you understand how such a catastrophic mistake could happen.

Regretfully yours,
A Long Time Happy Taxpaying American Citizen

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Like and Share if you get the subtle dig at the present Obama policies. i love this commercial. One of the best ever made.




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Medicare Hospital Scam

ATTENTION: Medicare – Hospital Scam — If you go to a hospital do not let them put you in the Status of Under Observation. Medicare will not pay any of these charges for tests, therapy, etc. To be covered under Medicare, you MUST be Admitted. This is a status being pushed by Administrators and Financial Personnel to make extra money, The Under Observation Status could cost you Thousands of $$$$.


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Need US President

Does anyone other than me long for the days when we had a real President in charge who understood the Constitution, politics, negotiations, public relations and the importance of having allies instead of being a Dictator and Stroking His Own Ego?


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Robot talking in space

Robot’s first words in space.




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